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Google Ads vs. Facebook Ads: Which is best?


The main question we hear time and time again is this. 

“Are Google Ads better than Facebook Ads?”

Facebook and Google are two of the most popular advertising platforms out there. They both offer cost effective strategies that are allowing businesses to sell more than ever before. But one of them is the smarter choice and here’s why. 

Google Ads are your lemonade stand. 

And no, we’re not suggesting you begin selling cold beverages out in the street – unless you want to. 😉

What we want to show is how Google Ads quite literally are the smartest choice when it comes to marketing, as you’re putting your campaigns in front of clients who are looking for YOU.

Let’s try something. Picture this…

You’re 8 years old again, it’s a hot day and you’re selling refreshing glasses of lemonade on the sidewalk. 

But nearby there’s a large group of people working out…and down the street a group of boys are playing basketball.

These are potential clients. But instead of going out there and selling to them, you’re simply waiting for passive sales! 

Facebook marketing is a little like that. When people have a problem, they don’t scroll through Facebook for a solution. Nobody runs to Facebook when they’re searching for a new hiking boot or the nearest independent coffee shop. They type their exact needs straight into the little search bar of Google. 

So in order for your clients to find you – that’s where you need to be selling!

To be successful you want to be proactive. Don’t wait around on the sidewalks of the internet waiting for your ideal avatar to find you. Position yourself in the most lucrative portion of the world wide web. So when your target consumer is suddenly in need of a cooling refreshment…boom, you’re right there! 

Google Ads allow you to be at the heart of it. Using Google Ads the right way can ensure your business is right there at the top of your client’s search results! These clients are already looking to buy, and by promoting your business on Google Ads you are one step closer to fulfilling the needs of your clients. 

And besides, putting your eggs in one basket is never the answer. Facebook ads work, but combining it with the wonders of Google ads is the smart choice for creating a strong marketing strategy.

Tried Google Ads before and it didn’t work out?

So you’ve heard of the wonders of Google Ads and tried your hand and it. But you found that you weren’t getting the engagement or the clicks that you were expecting so changed tactics? We get it – it’s hard not to take it personally! 

Believe it or not, there isn’t some magical trick to getting ad visibility or interactions. The answer is actually pretty simple – if you want attention on your ads…you need to pay attention to your ads. The best success stories involve consistent ad management and strategy – something which is quite simply a full-time job. And with the best will in the world, sometimes there are just not enough hours a day to run a business AND put the attention that is needed to truly reap the rewards the Google Ads has to offer.

And that’s where we come in!

We can offer you a dedicated team specialising in all things Google ads. We consistently monitor your numbers and adapt our strategy so your online presence continues to grow and succeed. 

If you would like to get in touch with us to hear how we can help you restart your Google Ads journey, please fill our contact form right here on our website! 

We can take over the reins and ensure that you fully experience all that Google Ads can bring to your business. By taking part in our free 40-minute consultation, you can hear all about our services and how we can work together to build out your marketing campaigns within Google – all while ensuring your core essence is translated into the digital masterpiece!

How To Define Your Brand Essence (And Make It A Digital Marketing Masterpiece)


In a world where talk is cheap, you may think that you need to be everywhere, marketing on every social channel to be successful. But less is now more! 

We believe the real trick to digital marketing is clearing away the noise. 

We’re debunking the myth that in order to reach customers, you need to be churning out endless campaigns into the void – hoping that they stick! So what makes it stick you ask? You. 

Your brand’s core essence is the real glue that holds your business together. At this very moment, you might be losing the core of what you’re offering because customers are being blinded by the colors and bold statements of your campaigns. In reality, it’s YOU that sells your business. 

Why is this so important? 

A brand’s essence is intangible for your audience. It’s unique to YOU and most importantly, creates a trusting and reliable bond between you and your customer. When they can see the real you, they are more likely to want to build a business relationship with you! When people hear your brand’s name you want it to light an emotional spark within them so they immediately know exactly what you stand for as a business. 

Let’s look at some success stories. For example, when people hear the word, Disney, they automatically associate the brand with a magical, family-oriented experience. You trust them. And that is what is going to generate sales for a business. If you trust the company, you trust them with your money.

So what’s the key? 

Clear the channel. Refine the core essence of your business. Revisit the real reasons why you started in the first place, your true values, and figure out the exact message you want to be getting across to potential customers online! Your main priority should be translating your essence digitally in a fuss-free, natural way, so your customers can see what’s beneath the surface. 

Now taking things back to basics might seem like a tough feat, but by following our simple steps you can start your journey of defining your core essence and turning it into a digital marketing masterpiece!

Let’s Begin! 

Step 1: Take a trip down memory lane

Some people get so caught up in logo designs and website building that they lose the essence of why they started the business in the first place. Look back to where your company came from. What were your main motivations to start your business? What inspired you to sell the products you are selling or offer the services you are offering? What did you feel was your ultimate purpose as a brand? 

A really great way to figure these things out is to go around your business and speak with the key people within your company. Comparing their different stories and versions of how your business began can give you a real insight into the kind of business you are running. 

Step 2: First Impressions

The main part of defining your core essence is to understand how people see you. What words or feelings pop up in their minds when they hear your brand’s name? And more importantly, are these the feelings that you want to be generated? If not, it might be time to redefine your essence! While you don’t necessarily want your clients to define you, it’s important to realize how you come across in the current marketplace. A brief audit can give you a chance to pinpoint any characteristics that you currently have aligned with your company (and gives you a chance to eliminate any that don’t resonate with you).

A useful (and slightly weird) way of doing this is to imagine you are writing an obituary for your company. Write a list of all the things you think people would say about your business, the good and the bad, and look out for any trends!

Step 3: USP

Think about what makes your business special. Part of this comes from comparing your business with competitors and figuring out all the ways in which what you are offering is different. Once you’ve figured this out, think about why these differences are useful. After all, a car with square wheels might sound unique, but it doesn’t necessarily make it appealing! 

Make Your Core Essence Digital!

Once you’ve figured out what makes you tick, it’s time to translate your core essence into a digital masterpiece! We make it our business to help clients achieve digital greatness, ensuring that their core essence doesn’t get lost amongst the crowd and shines through every campaign they are running! 

While there are a few techy things that really make this process successful, there are a few steps you can take to start the ball rolling in sharing your core essence with the world! 

Step 1) Interpret your core essence

Develop voice, tone, and design guidelines for your brand. Think about the kind of voice you want to be heard on your digital platforms, ensuring it speaks to your brand’s identity! Your logo, brand colors, typography, and graphics, etc. should also all be representative of your core essence!

Step 2) Define your aligned focus

Take a look at all your current content on digital platforms, including emails, social media, and ad campaigns. Identify where you need to be more consistent and what core message you want to be sending. Lastly, make sure your entire team has this aligned focus when producing content!

Step 3) Paint your core essence into a digital masterpiece 

Once you have identified your core essence, create templates for your team to use for all types of communications e.g product updates and promotional emails – and always make sure your voice and design guidelines are used throughout!

Step 4) Launch your digital essence into the world

Spread your essence amongst all digital platforms, continually adapting to your customers and creating content you are passionate about!

Want to hear more?

At Watt Advertising, we specialize in all things digital marketing and Google Ads (in particular how to share your essence with the world!) If you would like to speak to a member of our team about how you can better define your core essence and translate this into a digital masterpiece then please contact us! 

We are currently offering Google Ads audits, where we explore the current message your marketing campaigns are sending out – as well as your landing page, keyword research, and more! Fill out the contact form on our website and we will get back to you soon!