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How To Know Your Ideal Avatar


So you’ve got a product you’re passionate about and your marketing campaign seems flawless. 

With too much focus on what you’re selling, you may have lost sight of who you’re selling to. The result? A campaign that doesn’t speak to your customer, and therefore doesn’t sell to your customer! 

Without fully understanding and catering to your avatar, you are sinking your campaigns before they even launch. Now more than ever, business is PERSONAL, with emotions and feelings guiding most consumer behavior. People will choose your business based on the level of trust they feel with your brand. Don’t underestimate the power that a great connection will have on your sales figures! 

Enter the importance of knowing your avatar! 

Your brand is strong and your product is awesome – so how do you identify your ideal avatar? 

We’ve put together a few easy steps you can take to truly understanding your target audience (and steering your campaigns into their world!)

How to Know Your Avatar

Step 1: Goals and Values

Take some time to really unwrap your avatar’s inner workings. What do they believe? What do they want out of life? Understanding what drives your avatar into making their decisions can allow you to build a marketing campaign that will influence them on a deeper level.

If your avatar is driven by personal improvement and self-care, tailor your campaigns towards reaching their goals. 

Make them believe that through choosing YOU, they are choosing THEM. 

This is the time to form those relationships with your target consumers and create a level of trust; which can only be gained by reaching their inner essence! 

Step 2: Sources of Information

To really get a grip on influencing your ideal avatar, you need to uncover what other sources are influencing them in their daily life. Where do they get their information? If they are avid social media users – you need to be selling on those platforms! Does your avatar turn to YouTube tutorials for their every need? You need to be utilizing YouTube Ads! Is your avatar a keen TikToker? Get yourself a TikTok account and build a solid, trustworthy platform which you can use to reach them! Get inside their world and put yourself in the best position to truly influence their decisions.

To understand your avatar even more, we also suggest thinking about what material they enjoy to consume. What books do they like to read? What blogs do they follow? What gurus do they idealize? By doing this you are more capable of designing ads that truly speak to your avatar. It can help you to manifest your campaign into the right places and ensure your customer is viewing it! 

Step 3: Challenges

The next step is to think about the challenges that your avatar might face in their everyday lives. 

If you know their problems, you can solve their problems. 

Understanding your avatar’s pain points can help you speak to them on a deeper level. Form a relatability with them that can compel them to take action. If you reference their commonly-faced problems in an advertising campaign, they will instantly pay attention. Instantly feel heard and feel a sense of relatability to your brand. 

For example, if your avatar often feels stuck in their typical 9-5, use your advertising campaign as a way to invite them to take action! Show them that by choosing YOU they are taking a leap of faith and doing something exciting for a change!

Whatever their challenges may be, unearth them, understand them and USE them to show your avatar that by choosing you, their problems will go away! 

Step 4: Objections

Lastly, what could be your avatar’s objections to choosing you? As confident as you may be in your brand or product, you have to consider the possibility that your avatar may simply not want to choose you. And that’s fine! But by understanding possible reasonings for this, you may discover ways you can adapt and change your campaigns to make you more appealing! 

Think about the process they take when deciding to buy from a brand. Do they simply click and purchase? Or do they take a few days to debate their decision. If they prefer to find quick solutions to their problems, you need to ensure your campaigns are captivating and engaging to promote that quick click! 

If it’s the latter, you need to find ways to drive them down the funnel. Maintain a level of communication with them to ensure they don’t forget about you! Focus on building those relationships and trust levels so they can see that you are the right choice. 

Also consider that your avatar might not be the main decision maker and think about how you can adapt your campaign to reach those key people! Encourage a conversation! Ask questions that make your consumers think so they are more likely to talk about you with their colleagues (and hopefully those decision-makers!)


By following our quick steps you can begin to fully understand your avatar and create more seamless, relatable marketing campaigns that actually speak to your ideal customer. 

Generating more traffic and ultimately, more sales!

If you would like to hear more tips on how to refine your Google ad campaigns or tailor them to your ideal consumer, contact us right here on our website! We would love to hear from you and help you truly uncover the inner workings of your avatar!

Google Ads vs. Facebook Ads: Which is best?


The main question we hear time and time again is this. 

“Are Google Ads better than Facebook Ads?”

Facebook and Google are two of the most popular advertising platforms out there. They both offer cost effective strategies that are allowing businesses to sell more than ever before. But one of them is the smarter choice and here’s why. 

Google Ads are your lemonade stand. 

And no, we’re not suggesting you begin selling cold beverages out in the street – unless you want to. 😉

What we want to show is how Google Ads quite literally are the smartest choice when it comes to marketing, as you’re putting your campaigns in front of clients who are looking for YOU.

Let’s try something. Picture this…

You’re 8 years old again, it’s a hot day and you’re selling refreshing glasses of lemonade on the sidewalk. 

But nearby there’s a large group of people working out…and down the street a group of boys are playing basketball.

These are potential clients. But instead of going out there and selling to them, you’re simply waiting for passive sales! 

Facebook marketing is a little like that. When people have a problem, they don’t scroll through Facebook for a solution. Nobody runs to Facebook when they’re searching for a new hiking boot or the nearest independent coffee shop. They type their exact needs straight into the little search bar of Google. 

So in order for your clients to find you – that’s where you need to be selling!

To be successful you want to be proactive. Don’t wait around on the sidewalks of the internet waiting for your ideal avatar to find you. Position yourself in the most lucrative portion of the world wide web. So when your target consumer is suddenly in need of a cooling refreshment…boom, you’re right there! 

Google Ads allow you to be at the heart of it. Using Google Ads the right way can ensure your business is right there at the top of your client’s search results! These clients are already looking to buy, and by promoting your business on Google Ads you are one step closer to fulfilling the needs of your clients. 

And besides, putting your eggs in one basket is never the answer. Facebook ads work, but combining it with the wonders of Google ads is the smart choice for creating a strong marketing strategy.

Tried Google Ads before and it didn’t work out?

So you’ve heard of the wonders of Google Ads and tried your hand and it. But you found that you weren’t getting the engagement or the clicks that you were expecting so changed tactics? We get it – it’s hard not to take it personally! 

Believe it or not, there isn’t some magical trick to getting ad visibility or interactions. The answer is actually pretty simple – if you want attention on your ads…you need to pay attention to your ads. The best success stories involve consistent ad management and strategy – something which is quite simply a full-time job. And with the best will in the world, sometimes there are just not enough hours a day to run a business AND put the attention that is needed to truly reap the rewards the Google Ads has to offer.

And that’s where we come in!

We can offer you a dedicated team specialising in all things Google ads. We consistently monitor your numbers and adapt our strategy so your online presence continues to grow and succeed. 

If you would like to get in touch with us to hear how we can help you restart your Google Ads journey, please fill our contact form right here on our website! 

We can take over the reins and ensure that you fully experience all that Google Ads can bring to your business. By taking part in our free 40-minute consultation, you can hear all about our services and how we can work together to build out your marketing campaigns within Google – all while ensuring your core essence is translated into the digital masterpiece!

How to 80/20 Your Business: The Ultimate Guide


When running a small business, you’re always going to be tight on time and investment. And it’s actually super easy to get caught up wasting time on areas of the business that aren’t actually producing the big results!

Here’s where the 80/20 rule comes in. We’re going to show you how you can use it to start making great business decisions. Making these small changes will save you time, money and ultimately help you grow your business! 

What is the 80/20 rule?

It’s a simple concept really! The 80/20 principle, otherwise known as the Pareto principle, basically states that 80% of effects come from 20% of causes. So basically you want to be getting the biggest results from the smallest efforts! Translated into marketing terms, you really want 80% of your traffic to come from 20% of your marketing efforts. The secret is to identify which clients are in the 20% that are producing the majority of your sales! These are then going to be your ‘ideal’ clients. 

Your Ultimate 80/20 Guide

We’ve created your ultimate guide to making sure your business is following the 80/20 rule. Follow these 5 steps to make sure your efforts are producing the results you deserve! 

Step 1: Get Data

Take a leap and dive headfirst into the data that drives your business. Analyze your sales, marketing statistics, finances and more, to see which part of your business is generating profits and driving web traffic – and which parts are draining your pockets! 

Don’t have any data? The 80/20 rule is now your best excuse to start gathering data! How can you know which products clients are loving most if you aren’t tracking? Or which marketing strategies are generating the most amount of clicks? The best way is to transfer everything onto a digital platform, allowing you to view all the data in one place and really see where the action is!

Step 2: Invest In What Is Working

Once you have figured out which 20% of your clients are producing the most sales, or which 20% of campaigns are leading the most traffic – it’s time to invest in those areas! Think about what these 20% areas have in common. This can paint you a very strong picture of who your consumer is (and what they like!). 

For example, if you find that 20% of your web traffic is from social media content – post more! If 20% of people are avoiding your most ‘premium’ services – pay attention! You may need to start tweaking prices or start offering deals!

Step 3: Begin 80/20’ing your Marketing Strategy

The first rule is to discover where your best customers are – it’s pretty much useless focussing your marketing efforts on customers that just aren’t interested in your services! Target people that are going to be making you money, identify their niche, and drive them down the sales funnel! 

While it’s important to sell to your best customers – also remember to turn on that charm! Delight them with a superior customer experience. If customers are not providing the top 20% of your sales, dial down that engagement. Dedicate your time to people that respect yours!

Step 4: Stop doing $10/hour tasks 

STOP wasting time on tasks that just aren’t contributing to 80% of your sales. If you’re spending hours in a day responding to emails that aren’t from your ideal clients – you’re not following the 80/20 rule! 

Save your energy for the BIG ticket tasks that are going to give you those rewards! These include things like cold calling or tweaking emails – either stop it all together or hire a PA! While hiring an extra pair of hands may be an additional investment – it’s going to give you the time you need to focus on clients and tasks that are producing 80% of your results. 

You want to be doing the $100/hour (or even the $1000/hour) tasks – things like talking to qualified prospects or boosting your USP. Time is money – so spend it on areas of the business that are generating your success. 

Step 5: Streamline your Project Goals

When you’re truly passionate about your business, it’s almost impossible to not have a thousand ideas spinning around in your mind at all times. You want to experiment and get creative with different projects – and that’s not a bad thing! But having too many on the go at one time is going to get distracting, and is also not going to help you reach your core business goals. 

If you’re a start-up, it may be exciting to want to get your hands in all the pies. You’ll be tempted to quickly spend time setting up multiple social media accounts, designing business cards for your employees, or planning partnerships with other businesses. But are these efforts really going to be generating 80% of your successes? While they may be exciting, sometimes the best business decisions come from focussing on strategic projects (not necessarily the most fun ones).

When you start applying the 80/20 rule to your business, you’ll find it actually makes more sense to really knuckle down on 1 or 2 larger projects that are really going to help you make waves in your industry. It’ll also means better use of time and resources and will allow you to focus on tasks that are going to be producing the biggest (top 80%) impacts for your business. Once you’ve established yourself as the main contender in your industry, you can then spend a little more time on the smaller, more light-hearted projects to keep things fresh and new. 


While it’s clearly so important to start 80/20’ing your business, keep this principle in mind for all aspects of your life! Life is short and time is of the essence, so really pay attention to where your main happiness stems from and focus your energy on these areas!