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Free Your Digital Nomad!


With so many of us having the opportunity to work from home these days, it’s the perfect time to seize the day and make the most of the freedom! We’re going to show you how to upgrade your workspace and take it on the road – allowing you to unleash your inner digital nomad! 

When we first started Watt Advertising, we knew we didn’t want to be confined to working in just one part of this beautiful world. We wanted to create a lifestyle business. A business where our team can work efficiently in any corner of the planet, whilst enjoying every aspect of life. 

If you’ve always aspired to work on the road, or just fancy taking a few weeks out of the office to breathe some fresh air and gain new perspectives, here are a few tips on how to be a digital nomad!

Tip 1: Recreate your creative workspace

No matter where you are in the world, you should always create your version of an office space to maintain your level of focus and creativity while on the road. A workspace is essential for productivity! Your workspace doesn’t even need to be private, in fact, during our time traveling we’ve often been most productive whilst working in local coffee shops! 

We’ve put together a few tips for creating a portable workspace: 

  • Pack your essentials – make it easy for yourself by having a small pouch or case for all your work essentials. Whether it be just a notebook and pen, or a whole abundance of stationery, get yourself organized so that you have everything you need to set yourself up for success!
  • Have an outlet or charging station nearby – whether you’re working by the beach or on the top of a mountain, always bring a portable charger with you to keep you powered up
  • Appreciate the scenery – set up your space to face the incredible views that await you in whichever part of the world you’ve stumbled upon that day! You’ll find that the bright sunshine and fresh air can really motivate you into keeping up the hustle. If you’re in a campsite, make use of the shared communal areas or even head over to the picnic site! Don’t be afraid to get creative with your workspace – it doesn’t need to look conventional! 

Tip 2: Schedule your travel around work deadlines

In every business, there are going to be deadlines popping up, but the trick is to find that sweet spot of time where you have accomplished all the really BIG things, and it’s going to be business as usual. If you do have big projects that are expected to take a lot of brainpower, we recommend working on this later in the evenings. That way, you have the daytime to really unwind and soak up the culture or scenery in your location. Because let’s face it…that’s what being a digital nomad is all about! If you were going to lock yourself away all day, you might as well stay in your office at home! Don’t be afraid to get a little flexible with your timings. 

Another tip to being efficient whilst being on the road is to schedule all your meetings before you start the days’ events. It means you can brief your team and answer any questions they have in the morning meaning no one is getting bottlenecked! That way once your meetings are done you can relax knowing everything is in order. Starting the day on a productive note gives you a positive outlook on the rest of your day, allowing you to feel refreshed and enjoy your adventure. 

Tip 3: Your phone hotspot is your best friend

Wi-fi is probably your main concern when it comes to working on the road – and let’s be real, it’s a pretty big factor! Whether you’re working shotgun in a rental truck, or in a cabin in the mountains somewhere, you want to make sure you have unlimited data and access to service. Don’t be planning any zoom calls when you know you’re going to a remote part of the world!

To ensure high browsing speeds, install a hotspot on your phone! That way you have a reliable connection for your laptop or tablet so you can focus on keeping the wheels of your business turning. 

*Secret tip: when you find a place to steal Wi-Fi from e.g. campsite, shopping center, etc. take the time to download all the things you’ll need for success while you have no service!

Tip 4: Find your power source

Make sure that at the end of every day, you power up all your devices so that the next morning you are geared up and ready to step back into action! In this day and age, most vehicles have charging ports so if you’re road-tripping, charge up your devices while you’re driving! That way, when you reach your destination you’re ready to go! 

Portable chargers are also going to be your best friend. Invest in a few before your trip so you always have a backup option wherever you are and aren’t left drained of power. Aside from your phone, most laptops now sell compatible portable chargers too. And if you can, find one that is solar-powered to really make use of your surroundings! 

If you do find yourself without any power on the road then your last resort should be heading to a campsite. While you may have to pay, it will give you enough reliable connection to complete any important or outstanding tasks that are stopping you from reaching your goals. 

Tip 5: Make a plan

While being a digital nomad means you probably enjoy going with the flow and following adventure – working on the road does need a bit more planning than that if you’re going to do it right. Right when you’re planning your next getaway, spend some time Googling public spaces! Think libraries and coffee shops and read reviews to dig deep and figure out where is going to have the best Wi-Fi and outlets! 

If you’re traveling to a location that is a bit more remote, research the area to find good workspace options! Criteria for this should be somewhere with a good view, public toilets, no paid parking meters and also a level of safety! You don’t want to encounter a bear when you’re in the middle of an important project!

While it’s important to have somewhat of a plan when you embark on your adventure, remember to also enjoy the ride! Nothing is going to be completely smooth when you’re working remotely on the road, but if you maintain a good level of communication and expectations with your team then it’ll work out great in the long run. 

If you haven’t tried this way of working we highly recommend giving it a shot! Working on the road can give you the freedom you’ve been craving, allowing you to make the most of life. Just follow our tips and tricks to make sure you stay productive and continue to run a successful business! 

Google Ads vs. Facebook Ads: Which is best?


The main question we hear time and time again is this. 

“Are Google Ads better than Facebook Ads?”

Facebook and Google are two of the most popular advertising platforms out there. They both offer cost effective strategies that are allowing businesses to sell more than ever before. But one of them is the smarter choice and here’s why. 

Google Ads are your lemonade stand. 

And no, we’re not suggesting you begin selling cold beverages out in the street – unless you want to. 😉

What we want to show is how Google Ads quite literally are the smartest choice when it comes to marketing, as you’re putting your campaigns in front of clients who are looking for YOU.

Let’s try something. Picture this…

You’re 8 years old again, it’s a hot day and you’re selling refreshing glasses of lemonade on the sidewalk. 

But nearby there’s a large group of people working out…and down the street a group of boys are playing basketball.

These are potential clients. But instead of going out there and selling to them, you’re simply waiting for passive sales! 

Facebook marketing is a little like that. When people have a problem, they don’t scroll through Facebook for a solution. Nobody runs to Facebook when they’re searching for a new hiking boot or the nearest independent coffee shop. They type their exact needs straight into the little search bar of Google. 

So in order for your clients to find you – that’s where you need to be selling!

To be successful you want to be proactive. Don’t wait around on the sidewalks of the internet waiting for your ideal avatar to find you. Position yourself in the most lucrative portion of the world wide web. So when your target consumer is suddenly in need of a cooling refreshment…boom, you’re right there! 

Google Ads allow you to be at the heart of it. Using Google Ads the right way can ensure your business is right there at the top of your client’s search results! These clients are already looking to buy, and by promoting your business on Google Ads you are one step closer to fulfilling the needs of your clients. 

And besides, putting your eggs in one basket is never the answer. Facebook ads work, but combining it with the wonders of Google ads is the smart choice for creating a strong marketing strategy.

Tried Google Ads before and it didn’t work out?

So you’ve heard of the wonders of Google Ads and tried your hand and it. But you found that you weren’t getting the engagement or the clicks that you were expecting so changed tactics? We get it – it’s hard not to take it personally! 

Believe it or not, there isn’t some magical trick to getting ad visibility or interactions. The answer is actually pretty simple – if you want attention on your ads…you need to pay attention to your ads. The best success stories involve consistent ad management and strategy – something which is quite simply a full-time job. And with the best will in the world, sometimes there are just not enough hours a day to run a business AND put the attention that is needed to truly reap the rewards the Google Ads has to offer.

And that’s where we come in!

We can offer you a dedicated team specialising in all things Google ads. We consistently monitor your numbers and adapt our strategy so your online presence continues to grow and succeed. 

If you would like to get in touch with us to hear how we can help you restart your Google Ads journey, please fill our contact form right here on our website! 

We can take over the reins and ensure that you fully experience all that Google Ads can bring to your business. By taking part in our free 40-minute consultation, you can hear all about our services and how we can work together to build out your marketing campaigns within Google – all while ensuring your core essence is translated into the digital masterpiece!