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Samuel Watt

Immersion in thoughts & ideas brings me the highest quality results in life.

This usually happens while looking out the window, meditating in that moment right before you flip a pancake, or listening to smooth music. From this immersion, I can formulate original ideas and strategies that I apply to all areas of life and business. Space for the ideas to flow is all I need.

Problems that take years to figure out are usually the ones worth sticking to. 

I think in images and revel in the drama of creating the emotional interface between people and technology. 

Nature is one of my favorite places to be and I enjoy it whether I’m walking, biking, boarding or hiking! Plants make me happy. :)


Chelann Watt

I think in words & processes. And no… It’s not as boring as it sounds! ;)

When others see chaos, I see the vision and how to align reality to achieve it. I’m most fulfilled when I’m helping people achieve a vision by guiding them through a seamless process to get to their ideal outcome.

Besides building, I love evolving as an individual and one of my favorite ways to do this is getting out into nature’s fresh air with a good podcast.

Things that bring me joy on a daily basis are expanding my Yoga practice, meditation and journaling about anything and everything!

Client success manager

John Read

I love a good story with extra sauce and a little exaggeration! 

I enjoy applying my imagination to wordsmithing and copywriting together with the wider landscape of what makes up a brand.

I have a background in marketing for the hospitality and tourism industry and despite being home-grown in Scotland in rural Fife, my adventures have taken me far and wide.

I have developed an especially soft spot for Canada’s British Columbia. I love the feeling of being in the mountains, and I am at my happiest when enjoying them via bike, board, or boot. 

Google Ads Specialist

Joel Haye

You’ll find me reading a book, listening to a podcast or sitting somewhere alone in deep thought.

I'm a growth driven, nature loving individual. I have a deep love for wildlife and serene environments.

Aside from curiously exploring paid media accounts, you’ll find me reading a book, listening to a podcast or sitting somewhere alone in deep thought.

Admin Assistant

Gemma Murray

I’m a stationary loving Essex girl with a passion for tea and crystal shops.

I value daily self compassion and the journey inwards that comes from always prioritizing how I can be kind to myself in every moment.

I try to be committed to my spiritual practice in a small way everyday, and feel it’s really important to be aware of my overthinking and ground myself to appreciate the little things.

I have a background in Scriptwriting and studied this area of literature for my Post-Graduate Diploma. I found my studies incredibly valuable in strengthening my personal creativity and broadening my outlook on both my own story, and other peoples.

On another note,  I enjoy taking in nature and walking by my local river - but mostly for neighborhood cats I meet along the way!

Our Results

$3,726,291 generated for clients

$590,289.91 ad spend managed

6.3X average return on ad spend

Watt People Are Saying


If you are at a point in your business to invest in paid search advertising, talk to Watt Advertising first! They're thorough, dedicated and pragmatic about building a steady supply of leads for you. 

Stephen Warley

Founder of Life Skills That Matter


Watt Advertising supported us through a difficult transition with Google Ads. They were professional, flexible and caring. It's rare to find a business that really cares about your success. I am so grateful for all they did for my company. I highly recommend them as a Google Ads partner.

Erin Gordon
Founder of Savvy Marketing Agency


Watt Advertising is great to work with - They’re professional, knowledgeable, and genuine. It’s clear they really know what they’re doing and that they want to help. They’re not just trying to sell something with fancy tech-talk. Their advice and guidance has been very valuable in helping us improve our campaigns. I definitely recommend Watt Advertising’s services to anyone looking to get results from Google Ads.

Jonathan Weedin
CTO of Field Group Marketing & Advertising


Watt Advertising really helped us during a difficult transition in the business. They kept our Google Ads running well, promptly taking care of issues with rapid and caring responses. I'd highly recommend the Watt Advertising team!

Sofia Giussani

Director of eCommerce & Digital Marketing at Averr Aglow


Watt Advertising has strong knowledge in Google Paid Search Ads and would be an asset to any marketing team.

Danielle Martindale
Director of Digital Marketing at Mannix Marketing


The results of our campaign have had a great outcome getting venues booked at our event center. I received high value bookings due to using Google Ads for my advertising! We live in a world where online is the go-to for advertising, selling and buying everything.

Lori Spencer
Event Coordinator at Fulcrum Hall

Watt We're All About

We paint your core essence into a digital masterpiece that elevates you to create your imaginative vision for the world.

Our Mission

To be in high frequency alignment, enjoy expanding the human experience and create magic for ourselves & others

Our Vision

To elevate and align people to the highest version of themselves through expanding the magical holistic human experience.

Our Top Values

Elegance | Drive | Curiosity

Watt To Expect When Working Together

Watt's included

The services you can expect to receive when we work together on an ongoing basis includes but is not limited to:

  • Interpreting your core essence
  • Defining your aligned focus
  • Painting your essence into digital masterpiece
  • Launching your digital essence into the world
  • Google Ads Account Setup
  • Keyword Research
  • Landing Page Audit
  • Campaign Review
  • Campaign Launch
  • A/B Split Testing
  • Testing New Ads, keywords and locations
  • Negative Keyword List
  • Retargeting Campaigns
  • Cyclical 80/20 refinement

creative Reporting

Reporting is often dull and lifeless.

At Watt Advertising, this is never the case. Our monthly reports are designed to engage you with your business' campaign through color, graphs, summaries and more! Know exactly how your ads are performing in an enjoyable, easy-to-read format.

FREE 20 minute consultation

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Watt People Are Asking

How Is Google Ads Different From SEO?

The main difference between Google Ads and SEO is how fast you can measure the impact of Pay Per Click (PPC) Advertising through Google Ads vs Search Engine Optimization.

SEO is a fantastic part of any online strategy. However, if you don't want to wait months for your website to make its way up the search engine rankings, running Ads straight to your product or lead generating page is the way to go for fast, measurable results.

60,000 people a second search for something on Google. All day, and all night long.

Are they finding your product or service right now, or that of a competitor? Don't wait months to find out!

Facebook Ads Work For Me Just Fine. Why Do I Need Google Ads?

Facebook Ads can be powerful, but nothing beats someone asking directly for a product/service and being served the answer on a silver platter (the silver platter here being your website).

At Watt Advertising, we utilize targeting and remarketing methods similar to those used in Facebook marketing, but Google Ads doesn't exclusively rely on passive or 'interruption' marketing. Your prospective customers ask Google for their heart's desire, and get served exactly what they were looking for - starting with the Ads at the top of the search result.

Additionally, it's a bad idea to rely on just one source of online traffic. Running Google Ads in addition to Facebook Ads will make your overall online advertising strategy much more robust.

I've Tried Online Advertising Before And It Didn't Work, How Can This Be Prevented?

There are many reasons an online advertising campaign can fail.

First of all, online advertising is a full-time job, and platforms from Facebook to Google still don't generate the best results from their automated strategies. It's important to have a dedicated specialist or team on-side to ensure your campaigns become profitable.

Unfortunately, agencies can also drop the ball and let campaigns run for months without generating an ounce of business.

At Watt Advertising, we ensure a thorough strategy is implemented that is right for your business. We revisit this regularly with you so your Google Ads stay on track.

Why Does My Account Need Regular Maintenance?

Google has many AI-driven strategies which encourage users to 'set and forget' their Google Ads campaigns.

To make sure you get the most out of your Ad Spend, it's imperative that manual strategies are used, along with rigorous testing to continually optimize your account.

The amount of data which can be gleaned from Ads that run over a few months is extremely valuable, which can also be used to improve the efficiency of your account over time.

I Understand Your Services Could Potentially Help Us, But Now Isn’t The Right Time For Us To Engage.

Every day without optimizing your Google Ads could mean lost profits.

Our introductory projects provide immediate improvements, making now the best time to maximize your ad spend. Our results-focused process is designed to maximise lead quality and improve sales conversion metrics, every step of the way. That's more to enjoy on our bottom line.

Get in touch for a professional recommendation by emailing our friendly assistant Gemma. You can reach her at

We provide free 20 minute consultations to advise you on what next steps you could take with Google Ads for your business.