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Benefit From An Audit Today

Stop wringing your hands with frustration about how your Google Ads are performing. 

During your free 40 minute consultation, we will show you exactly what levers to push to maximize results.

Choose from an Express Audit or Full Audit, explore your options below:

Express Audit

  • Free 40 minute consultation on your account
  • Account analysis and recommendation on:
    •  Account Goals, Setup & General Settings
    • Conversion Tracking
    • Landing Pages
    • 80/20 On Campaigns
    • Bidding Strategy
    • Regular Keywords
  • 30 minute Audit review call and Q&A
  • PDF of your lovely audit

Full Audit

  • Free 40 minute consultation on account
  • Account analysis and recommendation on:
    •  Account Goals, Setup & General Setting 
    • Conversion Tracking
    • Landing Pages
    • 80/20 Strategy on Campaigns and Ad Groups
    • Bidding Strategies
    • Regular Keywords
    • Negative Keywords
    • Ad Copy
    • Location Settings
    • Remarketing
  • 60 minute Audit review call and Q&A
  • PDF of your lovely audit

See Your Ad Spend Get Results! 

  • Certified Google Ads Professionals
  • Start Making A Profit With Google Ads
  • Engage With The Right Audience
  • Troubleshoot Your Ad Account's Weaknesses
  • Gain Your Peace Of Mind Back

Is This For You? 

An Audit Is Definitely What You Need If: 

  • You’ve been struggling to get your core essence out into the world in an authentic and effective way.
  • You’re so focused on your trade, that you don’t invest the time to get the sales and marketing you need.
  • You have worked with other marketing agencies and have been disgusted by the lack of quality and accuracy in representation of your business.


An Audit Is Not Worth Your While If:

  • You’re not ready to invest time and money in your marketing
  • You want to keep playing the guessing game with your Google Ads
  • You’re not ready to make a change


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Client Testimonials


“Watt Advertising is great to work with - They’re professional, knowledgeable, and genuine. It’s clear they really know what they’re doing and that they want to help. They’re not just trying to sell something with fancy tech-talk. Their advice and guidance has been very valuable in helping us improve our campaigns. I definitely recommend Watt Advertising’s services to anyone looking to get results from Google Ads.”

Jonathan  /  CTO of Field Group


"If you are at a point in your business to invest in paid search advertising, talk to Watt Advertising first! They're thorough, dedicated and pragmatic about building a steady supply of leads for you."

Stephen  Founder of Life Skills That Matter


Watt Advertising supported us through a difficult transition with Google Ads. They were professional, flexible and caring. It's rare to find a business that really cares about your success. I am so grateful for all they did for my company. I highly recommend them as a Google Ads partner.

Erin /  CEO of Savvy Agency

Case Studies: The Difference We Make For Our Clients

Surgical Lighting Company

We successfully managed the google ads account of a prestigious American medical devices company, specialized in providing the brightest, most efficient, and effective surgical lighting to surgeons in operating rooms across the U.S. During our contract we were able to increase monthly leads for the business from 3 to 18 and reduce the cost per lead by an incredible 65% from $272 to $93.

Plastic Surgery Center

We recently partnered with a well-renowned plastic surgery center in Northeast Florida, headed up by industry-leading surgeons focused on plastic and reconstructive procedures, seeking to vastly improve the lives of many Americans. We sought to bring the same improvement to their google ads campaigns and in the space of just two months, successfully increased monthly leads from 47 to 57 and reduced the cost per lead from $25 to $22.

HVAC Company 

We partnered with the No.1 home AC repair company in Jacksonville, Florida to manage their Google Ads Account in October 2020. Over two months, our efforts to improve their campaigns resulted in a 62% increase in leads for the business and a reduction of 11.5% in cost per lead compared to the previous winter. By focusing ad content predominantly on the heating services offered by the business we were able to engage with prospective clients and find the qualified, quality leads their campaigns had been failing to deliver in the past.

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